TakeDown Lifestyle



Whether you want to lose fat, gain muscle, or just live healthy, the limiting factor is almost always nutrition. Check out the advantages of this unique method of weight loss.
  • BUILT JUST FOR YOU. A program that gives you an individually tailored plan designed specifically for you and your lifestyle

  • RECIPES INCLUDED. Sample meal suggestions along with menus and recipes to ensure your success in reaching your goals.

  • WEEKLY ACCOUNTABILITY. Meetings with our expert Nutritionist to help you with support and accountability.

  • FORGET THE YO-YO DIETS. Finally a simple, easy to follow fat loss solution that you've been waiting for.

What To Expect

One-on-One Consultation

Learn the program and get to know your very own Nutrition Technician. Set your goals and begin your journey toward a healthier you! Leave the meeting with a plan and a new outlook on healthy eating. You are not on a diet, you are working at a new lifestyle.

Ongoing Assessments

Continuous, informative and supportive access to a Nutrition Technician to provide accountability throughout the program. Focus on what’s going right and how to keep the program working exactly the way you need. Gain education on food choices, food labels, recipes, eating out, and getting healthier and stronger! Re-set goals to give you a clear focus of what to work toward

TakeDown LifeStyle™ Binder

A 3-ring binder filled with valuable nutrition information and how it pertains to the participant as an individual. Outlines the program including journaling requirements, cardio/fitness recommendations, recipes, meal ideas and other important components of the program. A binder is a tangible reminder of your program, progress, and plans.