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Advance(d) Sports Performance and Fitness is a high-performance training facility located in San Carlos, CA that offers a wide variety of programs for athletes of all ages, sports and developmental skill levels, for fitness enthusiasts and for individuals who are looking to make a serious commitment to their long-term health and want assistance to reach their own individual fitness goals. With an emphasis on individualized goals and needs, each client regardless of training program selected is provided with unique programming and the professional hands-on coaching necessary to reach their athletic and fitness related goals.

"Advanced Fitness is truly top notch and the trainers are unbelievable. They never give up on you and always push you to your fullest potential. I appreciate the relationship they build with their clients and to maximize my workouts to the best of my ability. You will not be disappointed with the results!"

"Advanced Sports Performance is more than just "as good as it gets", I would say something more along the lines of life changing."

When people ask me about Advanced, a huge smile comes across my face, and I tell them, "You just HAVE to try it'!! Whether it's boot camp, Strength and Tone, Weekend Warrior, or any of the other class offerings, know this-- your skills Will be tested, you Will be left breathless, you Will be sore, but most of all, you WILL be hooked!!"

"The workouts are never the same so I can guarantee you will not get bored. The trainers are there to motivate you and support you all the way through. Thanks to their exciting work outs and nutritional plan, the TakeDown Challenge, I was able to lose 8.5% body fat and gain 6.9 pounds of lean body mass in 28 days! If you want to see results and have fun doing it check out Advanced Sports Performance!"

"As good as it gets" is the single best description you can give to Advanced Sports Performance!"