Athlete based classes that are guaranteed to burn fat, build/tone muscle and increase overall body strength and control. Our ever-evolving workouts promise to never leave you bored and always leave you sweaty. We focus on using fast paced circuit training combined with our metabolic conditioning to optimize your 1 hour workout. A definite must for anyone looking to get back into shape or take their fitness to a whole new level.


This class is centered around Olympic lifting and strength training. We specifically work with each athlete to improve overall functional fitness and increase strength.  Class starts with mobility exercises followed by technique work of the Olympic Lifts (snatch & clean).  Next comes the strength portion of the class.  Each day we focus on a different muscle group and lift (Front squats, strict press, deadlift ect.)  Finally, each class ends with a metabolic conditioning circuit that last 3-15 minutes.


It is a great change up from Bootcamp classes with more emphasis on strengthening the core and toning the glutes, arms and legs. Class consist  of 45 minutes of full body sculpting followed by a 10-15 minute metabolic meltdown (cardio based circuit).


A 1hr long class, consisting of 10 different exercises and circuits. The challenge is the fact that the total reps for those 10 exercises are 1,000. Each month we create a new challenge for you to attempt. Whether you make 1 class or all of them that month this structure creates the perfect platform to track you progress and watch your ADVANCEMENT throughout the month.


Athlete Programs

Our youth speed and agility sessons are ideal for all young athletes ages 8-12 looking to build and improve athletic confidence and ability. Our coaches teach the fundamentals of running, jumping and overall body mechanics in a fun and safe environment. Each class will focus on a technique or skill which will help the develpoment of our athelte. The skill/technique learned will  then be drilled and re-taught throughout the class. It’s never too early to learn the fundamentals of becoming a great athlete!


Our Advanced Sports Performance (ASP) training programs are specifically designed and geared towards physically and mentally preparing our athletes to compete at the highest level possible in their particular sport. We design programs that are intent on improving every characteristic that an athlete needs-flexibility, strength foundation, power development, functional mobility, work capacity, 1st step quickness, linear acceleration and lateral change of direction, footwork, and overall mental toughness. We concentrate on training the drills and exercises that will have the most carryover and application to the competitive athletic arena.


Work with an Advanced coach 1-on-1 or with a small group in order to reach your fitness goals. We offer professionally designed, time effective workouts that are customized to meet YOUR specific needs and goals. Call or email us to schedule a consultation and session today, and let us get you where you want to be!